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Serve thy neighbor.

WhateveBuys.PH (WhateverBuys Enterprise)
Online – Retail Sales Company
WhateverBuys.PH is an online retail store focused on multi-vendor marketplace business model in delivering products and services in the local community it operates at.
In its current form, WhateverBuys.PH is a place to sell, rent, swap and share goods and services with the other members of the marketplace living within their self-sustaining and empowered micro-economy community.
We are committed to providing the best platform to showcase, sell and deliver products made or sourced by “our neighbors for our neighbors”.
In the age of the Internet, the world became smaller and with it, our dependence on a fragile supply chain that enabled globalization but have now hurt us in the time of a pandemic where restrictions were placed on where or when you could buy or sell.
It was an abrupt and rude awakening that we have relied so much on big companies to supply our needs for almost anything and everything. Even online, items we buy come from overseas and take weeks if not months to arrive at our doorstep when we could readily get it from someplace near. We just need to know where they are.
Our mission is to bring back the spirit of Filipino “bayanihan” by putting our heads, hands and hearts together and creating and selling products with as small carbon footprint as possible. Our food and product’s journey from “maker”to “buyer” should be as short as possible, ensuring that producers dispatch their products fast, get paid fast and customers get their orders fast — quarantine or no quarantine.
We aim to provide you the best array of products and services from trusted Seller Partners and Rider Partners that we individually and carefully vet to ensure that we provide the best customer service and satisfaction for both merchants and buyers.
Founded in February 2008, its initial foray into the ecommerce industry was met with a few hurdles in terms of available payment gateways to service the “intermittently-connected” segment of the population.
In 2015, WhateverBuys.PH returned and currently capitalizes on the Internet for the promotion and distribution of products and has since been keen on empowering local sellers by providing them a platform to showcase their products and services within their own community of buyers.

Numbers Speak For Themselves!

4800 +
Curated Products
Curated Products
Product Categories
We deliver food items hot & fresh. Be it items meant to be consumed hot and quick like orders from your favorite restaurants or fresh and cold like fruit and vegetables or various cold drink fixes, we do our best to deliver it as fast and intact as possible, right to your very doorstep.

Certified Products

All fruits and vegetables delivered through our grocery delivery service are sourced directly from local farms and producers.

We Deal With Various Quality Organic Products!

  • Fresh fruits
  • Dry fruits
  • Fresh vegetables
  • Dried vegetables
  • Beauty products
  • Milk products
  • Organic honey
  • Organic tea